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Not everyone's needs are the same, I offer the following services to individuals at least 18 years old:



Counseling is for individuals who are going through a situation and need help working through it.  Perhaps you are feeling depressed or feeling anxious but aren't necessarily suffering from depression or anxiety.  The focus is still driven by therapeutic practices but will not involve a diagnosis and is expected to be shorter term.  



Psychotherapy is treatment for individuals with a chronic mental health diagnosis such as depression or other mood related disorders.  Therapy is expected to explore, analyze, and treat the roots of complex issues.  This treatment option in some instances can be short term but in general this is a longer term treatment option.


Hurdle Sessions

Running out of steam and need a boost? Hurdle sessions are available for individuals that are well on their way to reaching an identified goal but sometimes feel discouraged or are in need of an in-between session.  You can expect shorter sessions designed to help you hang in there. 

*House calls available for individuals who are homebound in the Silver Spring and Rockville area.

Clinical supervision available for social workers in need of face-to-face sessions.

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